We want to share our enthusiasm for Virtual Reality through different services. It is our desire to make VR available to first-time users and more experienced fans.

The Reality Lab aims to be an end-to-end Virtual Reality Solution company – enabling people to get know VR and progress from their first introduction to more advanced application of the amazing technology.

Let us take you through the Five Stages of VR!


VR is quickly turning into a buzzword and we’ve seen mentions of this technological application on television and all over the internet. And still, many people don’t really know what Virtual Reality is, and how far this technology has come.

For those who are unfamiliar with the basics and the applications of VR, we supply introductions and presentation. We explain what VR is, where it came from, and what it can do for Business.

Do you want introduce your colleagues to the technological advances made in the field of VR, to understand how it will impact your business and what you might do to benefit from this development? Give us a call or send us a message and we’re happy to show you what’s possible!


We can tell you what it means, and why it’s awesome, but there’s really no substitute for first-hand experience, so we offer demonstrations on-site.

Want to see VR in action, show it off to your friends or colleagues? We can bring various VR-solutions to a location of your choice to host a VR experience. We offer Google Cardboards, Samsung Gear, and our favourite two HTC Vive sets.

Battle colleagues for the top of the Leaderboard in a game of FruitNinja, build a Virtual Castle, paint a Masterpiece with Tiltbrush or try some of the other VR-applications.


Now that you know what VR is, and you’ve experienced it for yourself, it’s time to have a go at it. We believe that VR is awesome, especially because it’s possible for any of us to start making it. Even if you don’t have any experience building software, or with graphic design.

Learn to build basic and more complex VR-scenes and applications, using tools Unity and AFrame. You can build for advanced platforms like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive or for more widely available platforms like Google Cardboard.

Want to build an application for your company to show off to colleagues and client? We can give you the essential tools and instruction to get started.
In Masterclasses and Training-sessions, we can convey the fundamentals of different platforms and engine and can teach you and your colleagues how to build your first scenes and build your own VR application.

Of course, if you need to consult us on a VR-idea you’ve been working on, we’re happy to help out too. We can help you test your assumptions and technical feasibility, in addition to general consulting on how to develop your VR application.


You want to get started building your own VR application, but don’t know how to start? Want to give your company’s developers a creative boost, or challenge the existing business model with an quick tour into VR? We can help.
By organizing Hackathons and dedicated workshops, we can help you and your Development colleagues – even the ones with little or no amount of coding experience go from idea to demonstrable prototype.

Depending on the goals of your organization or event, we can assist a group of enthusiastic participant to build functioning applications that demonstrate a specific purpose in Virtual Reality. Want to see what that crazy idea on VR & Skydiving would look like and how it would work? Give us a day or two and we can help you build it yourself!


Now, building yourself might be a very rewarding experience, but sometimes you don’t have time for that. The show must go on, after all. That’s why you can also have us do the heavy lifting. Do you want a VR application – either for demo purposes or a full-fledged solution for your company, let us know – we’re glad to help.

Besides building applications for business customers, we also build and distribute applications ourselves. While we can’t divulge everything yet, stay tuned for updates on exciting projects that we’re currently working on – keeping the ‘Lab’ in Reality Lab!