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The possibilities of WebVR

NaamloosThe first time I used Google Docs, a whole new world opened up for me. I had been using and building web applications at the time, but what Drive offered just blew my mind. I was writing a document, just like Microsoft Word, but in a browser! Not only that, but I could actually work in real-time with other people. I wouldn’t have to worry about sending a document with the other person having a newer or older application. The biggest pro that this offered was that I could easily reach my documents on any computer without requiring to install any software or make sure that my files were synced properly. And then I haven’t even started about the possibilities with mobile devices.

For me, it was pretty much a turning point and made me turn to web applications for work that I would normally do via a desktop application. Especially with the incredible progress that’s been made with frameworks like Angular2, you can pretty much code web pages to give the same user experience like a regular application would.

All of this is part of the reason why I’m seriously enthusiastic about the possibilities that WebVR is going to offer.