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The Five Stages of VR

(Since this article passes the 750 word mark, I fear it officially qualifies as a Long Read – my apologies for that in advance – but they are Five. Neither Four, or Six. But Five.)

It’s difficult to escape the mention of Virtual Reality when you’re out and about. There is hardly a single newspaper, popular magazine, news bulletin or tech-savvy blog that hasn’t devoted one or more articles to it. We’ve all Heard about it – Virtual Reality (and in its wake perhaps, Augmented Reality) is set to change the world. It’s an exciting new technology, being promoted by the technology enthusiasts and creating a buzz wherever you go.

But what IS it, really – and what does VR, as it is usually abbreviated, mean for you and your life? Well, as with most technological developements, from the Internet (which celebrated its 25th birthday – sort of, kinda – a few weeks ago) to Mobile telephones and especially the development of the smartphone, it usually takes some time for inventions to go from the lab/kitchen table/garage to the hands of the mainstream consumer. In fact, most technologies and inventions go through very distinct phases – and sometimes not reaching the consumer market at all.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor virtual reality experience

At The Reality Lab, we believe that VR is way too powerful to leave it out there in the ‘Through of Disillusionment‘ (more on that in a later article). We need to get this technology out there, and allow people everywhere to experience and use it. And that’s why we defined a number of objectives that we would like to achieve – stuff that we want to get done at the end of the day. We call them the Five Stages of VR – they are the five ways by which we want to make VR accessible to you.

Our new website is Live!

The Reality Lab was founded to make Virtual Reality available to a wide audience.

Cool new technology usually takes some time to reach all of us – but actually, VR is not that new. The concept and idea has been around for decades – and now it’s finally here for all to enjoy.

We have been working on a number of cool projects over the last few months, which we will be bringing to you all soon.

Are you anxious to learn more about Virtual Reality? Want to know what it might mean for you, your business or the industry you’re working in? Or perhaps you would just like to try it for yourself.

We run demonstrations using HTC Vive and Google Cardboard, among others. Curious? Drop us a line.

On our website we’ve described the services we offer in more detail. We’ll be updating our site with more content and links soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter for our upcoming events!