Who are we? We are a bunch of VR & Technology Enthusiasts! We enjoy talking about VR, showing VR to as many people as we can, and of course, we love building stuff in VR.

The Reality Lab was founded in early 2016 to be a place where experimentation and development could take place. We’ve been involved in VR-projects for a number of years now, and we’re excited to share our thoughts and ideas with all of you. More than that, we would love to see how you would like to use VR in your daily life and help in getting there.

We show, teach, and build VR – not only because it’s cool and fun to do, but because we believe it has the power to transform our daily lives, and the way we experience the world around us.

The Reality Lab was founded by these two VR-enthusiasts:

VR Fanboy

It takes more than just technology to create awesome applications – it takes planning, analysis and plenty organizing. Having worked on & for a number of startups in fields ranging from software development, financial services, consumer applications and most recently biotechnology, Nick knows the pitfalls of setting up a new project and how to avoid them.

Shortly after meeting Ruben, he was aware that this VR-thing (and Ruben for that matter) would not go away. And it has remained a passion ever since. The HTC Vive was the great breakthrough, and they’ve been working closely together since.

Still in the “VR Enthusiast” phase, Nick loves working with VR, and sharing this amazing new technology with as many people as possible. He enjoys developing new concepts and applying this technology to exiting new applications.

With a background in business, project and process management, Nick takes care of the organizational part of things.

Ruben van der LeunRuben
VR Evangelist

Even back when no one had heard of VR, and all the technology was clunky, slow and in very low-resolution, Ruben was already running around, telling anyone who would listen how cool this was going to be.
As a self-described “VR Evangelist” he has been Preaching & Practising Virtual Reality for years now.

Ever since he got to try out the Forte VFX-1, Ruben had been looking forward to making VR a part of his daily life. Seeing how low the threshold is these days for everyone to participate, he enjoys building and teaching about VR.
Ruben knows the nitty-gritty stuff of programming, and what it takes to create Programs and complex systems. He has an eye for new technology and the possibilities they offer to create new applications and solve new and existing problems.

But more importantly, he can not only build it, he can explain how it is being built, why and how those choices relate to the choices you get to make in your business.

We are always interested in talking to any and all parties that are either interested in, or working with VR. This is a young industry, with so many opportunities for partnerships, and other types of cooperation. Please reach out to us if you want to know more about VR or care to share your existing ideas with us!